Smartstage Heady Duty (HD) Platforms/Turntables are equipped with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Controller. Smartstage has preprogrammed it for basic functions, however, does not directly support assistance of a VFD Controller or software interfaces, see our notes below:

This applies to these models:








  • Smartstage manufactures turntables which come with AC motors, and VFD controls.
  • VFD controls, which offer hundreds of programming possibilities, can be complicated to program.
  • Smartstage’s expertise is not in programming, and we do not represent the manufacturer of the control.
  • Smartstage provides the turntable, with the drive, and VFD control PREPROGRAAMMED to give you the basic functions with respect to start up, top speed, and braking.
  • The manufacturer of the VFD is Sunye, and they do not offer any support.
  • Helpful Youtube links are available below (no association with Smartstage).
  • Programming a VFD is a process for those who either are experienced at it, or are willing to undertake the learning, a lengthy time investment.
  • Another possible option, in your city, is to find a motor/control company that might have an available technician to come to your sight, a cost to you.
  • Smartstage does not program your shows or are responsible in any way to program your shows, nor have in-house, or have access to, anyone that can program a VFD.
  • The VFD CAN be programmed in many ways that could result in damage to your turntable, and to the people using it, please be responsible in this regard.
  • Alteration to the VFD programming as provided by Smartstage will immediately VOID any warranty provided by Smartstage, and not just for the control, but the entire system.

Not all VF’s are the same, but these tutorials MAY help you;