We have 4 methods for stage decks leveling;

  1. If using 1.9” / 2” single legs, you can order single legs with leveling feet, however, that is a lot of leveling, inefficient, and costly.
  2. Best - Use a 2 3/8” single leg, with a locator plate. These can be as short as the locator plate itself (3” leg)(finish stage height about 6”). Under the leg, a 12” x 12” plywood “footing”. The simple, fast and economical way to level with un-even ground, just add more shims till its level. Buy some plywood, cut each sheet into 32 squares. You can ALSO do this with just 1.9” single legs too, but need to secure all the decks together with either the deck clamp, or leg clamp. Smartstage can provide footings if desired.
  3. You can do the same method as #2, but one footing (The footing spreads the load, prevents the legs from sinking into the ground), then buy the Smartstage leveling foot for each leg. It will add almost an inch to the height though, and if you have a very low 6” stage, you will have 3” or less of leveling capacity.
  4. For very HIGH variation in terrain, like 12” or more, you can use a screw jack inserted into the legs, similar to scaffold. This allows about 18” of leveling capacity per leg, which can ALSO work with plywood footings to expand further.
  5. For very LOW stage heights, like 3”, you can use our Smartstage locator PAD, which is simply a plate with 4 “nodes” on it (holds the decks together). Very simple, and getting it flat can be done with the plywood footings.

We hope this helps, and if not, feel free to write us with your specific challenge, we will ALWAYS find a way.