In the world of staging, there are many many Portable Stage Leg Types. They all work, and you have choices, so you really need to define what works best for you, your team, and your venue.

There are many considerations to ask;

1. Is speed important, like a touring situation?

2. Cost

3. Is weight and simplicity a priority? Then opt for simple single legs.

4. Is strength more important, if you need a lot of support, you want legs that support the deck in many places, minimising spans of the deck.

5. How long will your Smartstage sit? If you will set up, and leave it for a long time, like some our Church groups do, or a pub, then there is no need to buy multi-function, and fast setup touring legs.

6. If HEIGHT is important, then consider carefully, any stage over 30" should have legs diagonally supported. Smartstage Fastfold Frame legs system, has diagonals integral in the design. Most of us that build concert grade staging, have heavier duty adjustable height leg systems, and if that is for you, please read this next paragraph very carefully

Most of the other legs work like scaffold, one single frame at each end, then they are interconnected with "snap" braces. It is a very confusing system, You need THREE people to assemble it, one holding each frame vertical, and the 3rd person to snap in the braces, which must be color coded (usually are not) and when snapped in, inevitably result in a cock-eyed assembly, looks like a Dr. Seuss house. 

The Smartstage Fastfold Frame requires ONE person, so very simple, simple pick it up off the storage cart, walk to the build area, set it down, open it (like a scissors)(see our videos). They are lightweight, and have the diagonal bracing built right into the frame. No assembly required, cuts your crew count by 66 percent.

The coolest thing about the Smartstage system, is the stage deck that monts on Fastfold frames, also can accept SINGLE LEGS, with are really just tubes (we make adjusting height single legs too), that just "PLUG" into the four corners of the deck. 

Single legs are common where straddling obstacles, or reducing cost. Keep in mind, if you go over 30" with single legs, you need to consider diagonal bracing, which we can help you with.