Yes, Smartstage truss is built compatible with most of us bigger trussco standards. Most of us have similar load ratings, and can be interchanged. Smartstage is the core manufacturer of lighting truss for Christie Lights, largest lighting rental house in the USA / Canada, and now possibly the world. 

When selecting truss, it is always a good idea to be compatible with other brands, but importantly with Christie Lights, for when you need to cross rent for bigger shows.

A couple of side notes; Smartstage made some innovative design improvements to the ends of the connecting plate of the 12" boxtruss, which almost double the listed loading capacity.

16" truss, while not as common in the USA, is a brilliant design, strongest, and really versatile when doing cteative truss rigs. You can see some multi angled rigs on our site.

Last, the hole centering on our 20" truss varies slighting, a Christie Lites standard, and off by about 1/8". If you tell us when ordering, that you want to mate with any other guys, we can adjust that.